This site provides graphs of data. These graphs can be  freely used in your work, but read carefully the disclaimer and be sure to have understood it properly.

If you are wondering about the meaning of faktoj kaj figuroj, here an explanation: it’s Esperanto and it means Facts and Figures, and surely you figured it out by yourself, but still you are asking why I have used such a strange name.

It’s because factsandfigures was already taken and Esperanto is a constructed language whose aim was to be a lingua franca — a role which it’s taken by English because of historical (and colonial and hegemonic) reasons.

English is not the mother tongue of the owner of this blog, which is ready to host contents written by people all over the world, when they will come (if they will!). I hope my usage of “whose” does not confuse you: I’ve checked it and I am still convinced it is right!

Jokes apart, we shall try to write in an acceptable English, but likely readers from English speaking countries will notice oddities. Please forgive them and don’t blame neither me nor us for these details.

Have fun and watch your graphs!


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